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Current News/Awards

Western Pennsylvania Rookie of the Year
Twin State Auto Racing Club Rookie of the Year (Dirt)
Cavalcade Points Rookie of the Year
Twin State Auto Racing Club Most Improved Driver
1 st Overall Career Feature win at Wayne County Speedway with the BRP Modifieds
Began racing 410 Sprint Cars
1 st Career Sprint Car Feature win at Lernerville Speedway
1 Feature win at Sharon Speedway
Won the first 4 Features in the Green Flag Sprint Cars division at Sharon Speedway during its inaugural season.
Won the points championship at Sharon Speedway in the Green Flag Sprint Cars during its inaugural season.

Raced Modifieds at Lernerville and Sharon Speedways before switching over to asphalt in mid summer.

Raced asphalt late models mid-season to end of the 2006 racing season at Lake Erie Speedway.
Plans Asphalt Late Model racing

Current News - Last Updated 05/05/11

Hickory Speedway – The Easter Bunny 150
Hickory, NC - April 23, 2011:
Jimmy arrived at the track holding down the tenth position in the PASS Point  Standings. The team was looking forward to escaping the bad luck that has been following them since late last year. Unfortunately, rain cancelled the practice session scheduled for Friday.

On Saturday morning, temps in the mid sixties and sunny skies greeted forty-four excellent super late model drivers including NASCAR’s David Ragan. Jimmy was twenty-eighth and thirty-seventh in the first two practice sessions. The Zip Motorsports’ team went to work looking for a solution. They hit on something as Jimmy rocketed to eighth quick in the final practice and settled for sixteenth in qualifying.

Unfortunately, LadyLuck was frowning on the #23 once again as Jimmy was caught up in an eight car pileup on lap nine. Despite the expected handling problems from the accident and under hood issues around the mid-race point, Jimmy managed a sixteenth place finish at Hickory. He currently is shown in the ninth position in PASS points but only fifty-four points out of the fifth spot.

North Wilkesboro Speedway- "The Race"
:North Wilkesboro, NC - April 9, 2011
This past weekend Zip Motorsports traveled to North Wilkesboro, NC for an event dubbed "The Race". A guaranteed $75,000 to win brought out some of the greatest late model drivers to the historic North Wilkesboro Speedway.

Over 70 cars entered, and only 44 would make the race. Luckily Jimmy was locked in due to last year’s PASS South points standings. Many problems with the car were encountered during practice and qualifying which had the team worried. Jimmy started thirty-ninth out of the field of forty-four, including veterans such as Sterling Marlin and Geoff Bodine as well as a highly competitive group of PASS regulars.

As lap 100 rolled around Jimmy had forged ahead into the nineteenth spot. After the mandatory mid-race break, the car struggled with handling issues and the team ended the night with a twenty-fifth place finish. 

Jimmy and the team left the track disappointed, wondering what took the car from good over the first 100 laps to almost un-drivable loose condition for the last 200.  It was not until after inspection back at the shop that the left front shock was found to have a broken shim stack inside, which would have caused the change.

New Smyrna Speedway- Governors Cup 200
New Smyrna, FL – November 20, 2010
When Jack and Jimmy were approached with the idea of going to the Governor's Cup 200 to finish out 2010, the decision was an easy one.  They both had always run well there in the past with different crews and drivers and had really enjoyed the facility. 

After the first day of practice, their expectations were being met as Jimmy was at the of the speed charts every session. Tech was taking longer due to the larger than expected field. While waiting to qualify that evening, Jimmy was overheard saying, "Qualifying is really important tonight. Looking at this event in years past, a lot of cars get torn up and we need to be in front of all that action."

The #23 late model was the last car to roll out to take time and they surprised everyone with the fastest lap of time trials thus securing a pole position start. "To come into a track where the regulars are so good and sit on the pole is a big deal for us. Now we have to stay up towards the front, save our stuff and be there for the last 20 laps," Jack stated.

At the drop of the green, Jimmy took control and stretched the lead to about ten cars lengths in a matter of ten laps.  On restart after restart, Jimmy either led or was in a tight battle for the lead until the half way break at lap 100. Tires were changed but no other adjustments were made during the break. Then bad luck struck once again when Jimmy tried to fire the car. Nothing happened!  A push truck tried getting the car rolling for two laps before Jimmy brought the car back down pit road. The crew worked feverishly under the hood without any success. Jimmy climbed out of the car and stood there with a look of disbelief on his face. "The car just won't fire,” he exclaimed. “I think the box went bad but there was absolutely no indication of a problem before the break. We were good. We were really good! We were just saving our stuff, running first or second and waiting for the end of the race when it was time to go. Jack and the guys did a great job. Coming in to a place and being as quick as we were right off the bat was a credit to Jack and the crew.

This place is fun. It’s one of the bigger tracks we race at, but with the tight corners, it has sort of a short track feel and you’re working the whole time. Just another bum deal"

The 2010 season was a series of highs and lows and has come to an end. Racing will resume January 29-30, 2011 at Lanier Speedway in Lanier, Georgia for the CRA event, Speed Fest 2011. 

Concord Speedway- CRA North/South Shootout
Concord, NC – November 6, 2010: 
The North/South Shootout was a race that had been circled on the Zip Motorsports schedule for quite awhile. Jimmy always enjoys the track and after a solid run earlier in the season with the PASS Series, everyone showed up at the track with high spirits. Practice seemed to back up everyone’s expectations as the team was in the Top 3 during most of the runs.  After a couple rain delays, Friday's qualifying saw Jimmy set second quick time. "We just hit the rev chip too hard, too early, but, besides that, the car was almost perfect. Qualifying here is fun. You run as hard as you can and even if the car gets loose on you (it did going into the dogleg on the second lap of qualifying) you just keep digging. We aren’t happy missing the pole, but we will take the second spot and hopefully keep the carnage behind us."

Keeping the carnage behind is exactly what the team looked like it was going to do after taking the lead on lap one and leading the first fifteen laps.  When the caution flag flew around lap 45 the team was the only one taking advantage of it and made their mandatory pit stop. A great stop by the team had the #23 back on track and ready to fight its way back to the front. A caution just three laps later had the rest of the field coming down pit road and moving Jimmy back to the top spot.  After running first or second for the next portion of the race, a car Jimmy was inside of got loose and came down the track. The spinning ride caught Jimmy’s right side and turned him into the inside wall bending the front clip and tearing the front nose pieces off. 

With the radiator still holding water and no suspension parts falling off, the crew had Jimmy back on the track without losing a lap.  When it seemed things couldn’t get worse, that is exactly what happened.  A car running up near the front spun on a restart. This had the field going to the high side to miss it but instead of just spinning to the bottom the driver stayed in the gas and created a thick cloud of smoke and shot back up the racetrack. Jimmy followed the field and went to the top and just about had it cleared before getting slammed in the back end by another car trying to miss it.  Unfortunately, it ended up being his team mate, Ryan Blaney. The hard hit flipped Ryan onto his roof, and shoved Jimmy into the outside wall.

After a short ambulance ride, Jimmy stated, "Man I thought we had a shot at this one. When the guys up front got to racing, we let them run and just saved our stuff.  Jack made a great call having us pit when we did and the crew did an awesome job getting us back out.  I'm not sure what happened on the front stretch but we were going straight then all of a sudden we took a shot. He had a cut tire but I’m not sure if that caused him to come down or if it happened after he hit us. I saw the paramedics over there and I prayed he was alright,” added Jimmy. “On the deal off Turn 4, our only option was to go to the top and, just as Jack said good job over the radio, we took the shot in the rear. There was so much smoke and so little room when he moved up that Ryan said he never saw me.  It was just a bad deal and only two badly wrecked racecars to show for it!"

North Wilkesboro Speedway - PASS South Series
North Wilkesboro, NC - September 4, 2010: 
After the day of open practice earlier in the month, a decision had to be made to either bring the crate motor, “The Hammer,” for race day at North Wilkesboro.  With the track being as abrasive as it is on tires, the crate motor was certainly the way to go.

The team knew that they would be hurting for qualifying. But, at the end of the race, the crate would be the ticket. After many conversations with different people and weighing out all the options, a two stop strategy was developed for the use of four new tires throughout the race. Instead of taking left tires, Jimmy would bring the car down pit road at two different occasions for right sides only.

A lap only good enough for twenty-first in qualifying did not really surprise the team and they moved forward with making the necessary changes for the race.  At the drop of the green, Jimmy started his climb up through the field.  Before the first caution flew on lap 120, Jimmy had worked his way up to the sixth position. The team did an awesome job on the pit stops in getting Jimmy back on track and picking up a few spots. Several teams did not pit on the same schedule resulting in in a mid-pack position on the restart.

The waving of the green was a signal for Jimmy to begin another move to the front.  With about forty to go, the car picked up a nasty push preventing Jimmy from continuing his drive to the front.  A pit stop was made with twenty to go to try and fix the problem. The #23 racer was better, but a run to ninth position was the best that could be had. 

When looking back at the stats, a twenty-first to ninth place drive was not justice for the way the team had performed. Certainly, they will take what they learned and keep that in the back of their minds for the $75,000 to win race at North Wilkesboro Speedway in 2011.  The Zip Motorsports team is off the next two weekends before returning to Hickory Motor Speedway the last weekend of the month.

South Boston Speedway – PASS South Series - "The Win"
South Boston, VA - August 28, 2010: 
Jimmy Weller captured his first PASS (Pro All-Star Series-South) win at South Boston Speedway in the SoBe 150. After setting the quick time in the final practice session, Weller went on to repeat that feat during qualifying. Following Weller across the finish line was his High Point, NC teammate Ryan Blaney.

In the first practice session,teammate Ryan Blaney lost a motor but rebounded to qualify right behind Jimmy with times for Weller at 15.197 and Blaney at 15.241. The redraw put Jimmy starting fourth and Ryan back to eighth.

By lap ten both drivers were solidly in the top five where they spent the entire 150 laps. Blaney used a strong run off of Turn 2 on lap sixty-six to take the lead from Steven Legendre. Weller pulled up behind Blaney taking the second spot before the laps counter hit the century mark. They both checked out on the rest of the field setting the pace for the super late models.

Both racers were driving a smart race and avoiding mistakes while working through lapped traffic. It was difficult to tell if Jimmy was sizing up the situation or was simply having difficulty passing Blaney on several attempts.

As the PASS racers were completing lap one-twenty, Weller took another shot at taking the lead. Both cars hugged the bottom in Turns 3 and 4 with Blaney getting a better run onto the front stretch. It was the same situation in Turns 1 and 2 but Weller was really hooked up and pulled even with Blaney as they raced down the back chute door to door.

Jimmy took command off of Turn 4 putting his red and white #23 in the lead as the teammates sped past the grandstands. Blaney was right on his bumper as they built a sizable lead over Heath Hindman in third. However, a caution at lap one-thirty-six would, once again, tighten up the field.

The green flag waved with five to go and go is exactly what Jimmy Weller did. He jumped out on the restart to a lead that Blaney was not able to overcome. Ryan crossed the line in the second spot with his #10 machine. Jay Fogelman completed the podium trio with his third place finish.

"This is awesome," said Jimmy. "The car was so good, I told the guys on the radio with about forty laps to go that, if we didn’t win the race, it was my fault.  Jack and the guys did a great job. To come here and be quick right out of the box says a lot about all the preparation that goes into this at the shop. With setting quick time and Ryan second fast followed up with the win and Ryan running second, this is a great night for DB Racing.  With the year we have been having, with fast cars all through practice and qualifying and something going on during the race, this is a big confidence boost and hopefully has kicked the monkey off our back." 

Gresham Motorsports Park - CRA Series
Jefferson, GA - July 17, 2010: 
With this being the first appearance at the newly configured Gresham Motorsports Park for the Zip Motorsports team, everyone was looking for a brighter weekend than the previous event at Greenville-Pickens Speedway.

Practice during the Friday sessions and also Saturday morning saw the team consistently in the Top 10 on the speed charts.  When asked about the track after practice, Jimmy stated, “Man, this is a fun joint. With the speed that is carried at the end of the straight-aways and how hard you drive through the corners, it keeps you up on the wheel the whole time. The only question in my mind is, with the track as fast as it is, how much passing will be done under green during the race?"  

The team set the tenth quick time in qualifying. At the waving of the green it was apparent Jimmy could challenge for a good finish as he was seen climbing the leader board. Two red flags and multiple cautions throughout the event kept bunching the field up. This would normally be good for starting in the middle of the field. But, with momentum being so important at the fast high mile, being stuck in the bottom lane on every restart during the middle stages of the race had Jimmy playing catch up the first few laps after a restart.

"Once we could get back to the middle groove, our car was real good.  Our fears came true though with the track just being one lane making it difficult to pass. We could run the pack back down but when I tried to go underneath someone, my momentum was killed and they would drive back away from us," commented Jimmy after the race.

When the checkered flag finally flew for this long, event filled 100 laps, the leader board saw the #23 in the fifth position. This was the team’s first Top 5 with the CRA Series and their third Top 5 in the past five races with the PASS or CRA.  

The Zip Motorsports’ schedule shows a two week break before heading to Newport Speedway for the PASS South series event.  

Greenville-Pickens Speedway - PASS South Series
Greenville, SC; July 2, 2010
This was the team’s first visit to Greenville-Pickens Speedway. When visiting a track for the first time, a team hopes that everything runs smoothly during practice sessions to help them understand all that they can for the race later in the evening.  

Things did not go exactly as planned as the Zip Motorsports team hit the track for the PASS South event, The Firecracker 125. A bad vibration was experienced during the first practice, placing the team behind the proverbial eight ball for the single day event. Even after the vibration was fixed, the day never got better for Jimmy and the rest of the team.  A 19th place qualifying lap put the team deep in the pack for the start of the race. 

The race found the team fighting the entire distance, coming home with a 10th place finish at the end. Althoughit was another Top 10 finish, Jimmy and the rest of the team knew they had not performed up to their potential.

Orange County Speedway - PASS South Series
Rougemont, NC; June 26, 2010
Following a strong run earleri in the year, the Zip Motorsports team was looking forward to getting back to Orange County Speedway for another try at the high-banked 3/8 mile track. They were excited about running The Southern Sizzler 150.

Practice on Friday kep
t the team feeling good as they turned the fastest lap of the day in an early practice. Jimmy’s lap times were still near the top of the field even after the tires had many laps on them.  Saturday started out the same as they continued to run near the top of the speed charts culminating with setting fast time in the last practice session. Qualifying saw the Zip Motorsports team earn its first career pole. The excitement was short lived as, once again, the pill redraw saw Jimmy put back into the eighth starting position. 

The race was not as smooth as practice had been for the past two days. Jimmy was closing in on the fifth spot when he had to swerve to miss a slowed car on a restart. This dropped the #23 back to the fourteenth position as he fought to find a spot in the freight train. The left front tire went flat during an ensuing caution requiring a return to the pits for a replacement.

The last fifteen laps saw the team fighting hard to crack the Top 10. Jimmy finished the race in the ninth position.  Jimmy commented, "Setting quick time showed just how much this team has improved over the last couple months. Getting the pole was awesome, but having a car good enough to win and to finish where we did, is just a bum deal.  We will just have to take what we learned and head to Greenville next week.”

Next up is the Firecracker 125 at Greenville-Pickens Speedway on July 2.

Concord Motorsports Park - Pro Late Models
Concord, NC - June 19, 2010:
After having a good run in the PASS race a few weeks back, the Zip Motorsports team decided to take their crate motor car to Concord Motorsports Park. This would be the third of five 100 lap races for the Pro Late Models.

Qualifying saw the team turn in a lap quick enough for the seventh position which left team feeling pretty confident as they had spent most of practice and race runs on old tires. When the green flag dropped, Jimmy started his climb to the second position before a caution on lap 60.  After losing a spot and dropping back to third, the team did not feel as if they were good enough to win the race. With only nine cars left on the track during a lap 74 caution, they came into the pits to try and give them a chance for the win.

While working his way back up through the field, Jimmy was forced up into the front stretch wall by a car that was off the pace. Unfortunately, just two laps later the right front tire blew getting into Turn One, sending Jimmy hard into the outside wall and ending the night.  "We weren’t good enough to win, so when the caution came out on lap 60, Jack made the right call having us pit.  I don’t think the slow car knew we were outside him but the shot to the wall, I think, is what ended up ruining our night. When the tire gave out going into turn one, I thought we were going to be ok. Then I hit the dirt on the top side of the track and lost the steering completely. The car is bent pretty badly so it will be a while before it sees the track again."

Next week the PASS series will go to Orange County Speedway for the Southern Sizzler 150

Ace Speedway - PASS South Series
Elon, NC - June 4: 
Fresh from their first Top 5 with the Pass South Series the previous week, the Zip Motorsports had high hopes as they pulled into Ace Speedway on Friday, June 4. However, there was some apprehension as they had struggled in the past with tracks similar to the Elon, NC oval.

After being in the fastest three during practice sessions, spirits began to climb somewhat higher. This success transferred into a third fast lap in qualifying. Unfortunately, Jimmy’s terrible luck in the pill draw invert continued as he drew the tenth starting position. It was suggested by some of the crew members to have practice sessions for the pill draw during the off days.

Jimmy started his charge as the initial green flag flew, breaking into the Top 5 by lap thirty. The progress didn’t stop there.  An eighty lap green flag run saw the #23 slide into fourth place and they were running down the third place car before a brake malfunction slowed Jimmy's advance. On the final restart with fifteen to go, Jimmy lined up fourth. A heated battle ensued with Devin Jones for the third position. After putting on a hard charge over the last five laps, with very little brake pedal left, Jimmy was finally able to get around the #35 late model to secure the third place spot. The team’s first podium finish was celebrated by Jimmy and the entire team.

In the post race interview, Jimmy stated, “This place is real hard on brakes but, as quickly as we lost them, it surely had to be something else. The guys gave me an awesome car and if we hadn’t lost the brakes, I believe we would have challenged all the way to the front.  But, it's absolutely a great run for us and we will continue to grow on it."  

After getting the car back to the shop, the team found a blown o-ring in the left front caliper which created the braking problem. The proverbial small dollar part was a thorn in the team’s opportunity but, then again, the podium finish was something solid to build upon.

The team is off this weekend, June 11-12, and are trying to decide between going to Gresham Motorsports Park (GA) or Concord Speedway (NC) forJune 19.

Concord Motorsports Park - PASS South Series
Concord, NC - May 29, 2010: Memorial Day weekend is all about racing in the Charlotte area with NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday, the World of Outlaws race at the Dirt Track on Friday and the PASS South Series at Concord Motorsports Park on Saturday. 

 Leaving the racetrack on Friday after the practice day, the Zip Motorsports’ team had high hopes for the race on Saturday. Every practice session saw them in the Top 5 on the speed charts. Unfortunately, Saturday's practice did not go as well as a flat tire, a broken drive flange and having to go through the rear end assembly had the team scrambling.

After getting the car put back together just in time for qualifying, the team had their fingers crossed that their luck would change. Jimmy turned a lap quick enough for third fast, putting a smile on everyone's face.  "Just when everything seemed to be going wrong,” stated crew chief Jack, “ we hoped, being as fast as we were, would  turn the day around."

Another great redraw saw the #23 lining up tenth for the feature event.  An action packed race for Jimmy started at the initial green flag when a car near the front did not get up to speed, sending most of the field scattering. This dropped Jimmy back to the fifteenth position. With a car as strong as Jack had given him, Jimmy started working his way back into the Top 10. Just as he was making a pass for the eighth spot, he spun when losing aero down force. This put the team a lap down but, once again, they started making their way back to the front. When the caution was thrown for the half way break, Jimmy had surged up to the ninth position on the racetrack, the first car one lap down. 

When the race restarted, a scoring error had the #23 restarting in the sixteenth position, the fifth car one lap down. This error took them out of the Lucky Dog spot. Not to be deterred, jimmy fought his way back to the front. Twenty laps later, the caution flag flew again, with Jimmy settled into the eighth spot on the track, giving him get the Lucky Dog and putting him back on the lead lap.

After being spun by a lap car ten laps later, Jimmy started yet another charge from the back of the pack. Over the final thirty laps, the crowd got to what this team was capable of.  The night ended with a fourth place finish for Jimmy and the Zip Motorsports crew. No one had counted how many cars Jimmy had passed on this wild night of racing, but it would be a high number.

It was a hard fought 150 lap race that ended with their first Top 5 with the PASS Series. The entire team is looking forward to building on the improvement and success from the last few races.

Hickory Motor Speedway - CRA Series
Newton, NC - May 23, 2010: When asked what track they need the most improvement, Jimmy answered without hesitation. He offered, “It’s obviously Hickory Motor Speedway. There is just something about that place that we haven’t quite found yet.  We aren’t far off, but we’re certainly missing something."

After a mid-pack qualifying lap, the team was still scratching their heads as race time rolled around.  A few last minute adjustments were thrown at the car before the main event. Those changes seemed to help as the race rolled on and the #23 climbed into the Top 10 and eventually into the seventh position. A lap 110 restart tightened the field back up giving Jimmy forty laps to continue his climb up the leader board.

The green flag sent the field back into action but a broken Heim joint on the Panhard bar sent Jimmy spinning into the backstretch wall, ending their night.  "I hate to see it end this way," stated Jimmy.  "We were finally onto something and even though we didn’t have anything for Ryan Blaney, who went on to win the event, we definitely had a Top 5 car. All we can do is take what we learned and come back stronger next time."

Tri-County Speedway - CRA Series
Hudson, NC - May 21, 2010: Heavy rain showers lasted through most of the day. The CRA Series was given no choice but to cancel the opening of the Twin All-Star Weekend 150's and hope the weather would clear up before the practice session the following day at Hickory Motor Speedway.

Wake County Speedway - PASS South Series
Raleigh, NC - May 7, 2010: One of the coolest parts of running a traveling series is getting to see tracks that you would normally not go to throughout the year. The fourth PASS South Series event was held at Wake County Speedway in Raleigh, NC. This facility boasts a small quarter-mile oval that, uniquely, does not race the super late models on their weekly schedule. 

The small track with tight corners seemed to be a good fit for the Zip Motorsports team as they were in the Top5 for most of practice.  Qualifying saw the #23 turn the fifth fastest lap of the twenty-one cars who took times. However, once again, the great pill drawing hand of Jimmy worked against the team and had them starting in the ninth position. 

In the early going, Jimmy fell back to fourteenth while trying to avoid a spinning car. After 110 laps of green flag racing, his car was still untouched and Jimmy had fought his way back up to the seventh slot.  On a restart, another evasive move had to be made, sending Jimmy spinning into Turn 1.  When the green flag dropped again, the #23 renewed its fight forward from the twelfth position. Jimmy advanced to into the seventh spot before the checkered flag flew. 

Next on the schedule was the Twin All-Star weekend with the CRA Series at Tri-County Speedway on Friday, May 21st and Hickory Motor Speedway on Sunday, May 23rd. 

Orange County Speedway - Orange Blossom Special
Rougemont, NC - April 24, 2010: Every year when Zip Motorsports look at their racing plans, there are a few races that they look forward to with a little extra excitement. The PASS South Series third race of 2010 at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, NC for the Orange Blossom Special 125 was one of those special events.

A test at the track the week before had the team heading back with a pretty good baseline setup. Transponders were not used in the Friday practice, so the complete field run down was not available. However, the team felt pretty confident that they had a good car and the times on the stop watch would be very competitive the next day.

After four practice sessions on Saturday, Jimmy and the Zip team were on the top of the speed charts. Qualifying saw the #23 turn the third fastest time, only .04 seconds off the quickest lap. Little did the team know that during the second lap, the faster of the two, the sparks shooting from under the car was not simply the chassis bottoming out. The nut holding the sway bar to the control arm was sheared off, making the car struggle to turn off the corner. "I just thought we bottomed out, which made the car not want to turn," stated Jimmy. "It would have been nice to see what lap time we could have laid down. But everyone has something little they wish would have gone different for them too. So, we were real happy with the lap we turned,” he added.

After drawing a tenth for their starting spot in the redraw, the team knew it would be a tough climb to the frontof the star-studded 125 lap feature. On a lap nine restart, everything that the team had worked for that weekend came to a quick and disappointing end. The car to Jimmy's inside slid up, making contact with his left rear quarter panel. This sent the #23down the racetrack sideways before being clipped in the front end hard enough to bend the left front spindle.

The rest of the race saw the Weller entry making multiple pit stops to try and crutch the bent left front. "It's really a bum deal how the weekend ended," said Jimmy after the race. "We had a real competitive car all weekend and for something like that to happen so early in the race, really upsets you. I have to thank Jack, Corey and Chris for the awesome car they gave me this weekend,” Jimmy continued.  

Chris normally helps Jimmy’s dad on his modified up home but he took the weekend off to come down and help with the late model. Corey Williams won the second PASS race here last year and is leading the tour with the most wins, so having him help out was a huge help to the team.

Five Flags Speedway - Snowflake 100
Pensacola, FL, December 5, 2009: Jimmy Weller III and the Zip Motorsport’s team headed to Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL for the Snowflake 100 portion of the forty-second annual running of The Snowball Derby during the first weekend in December.

When the practice speeds for the sixty car field were posted, it didn’t take very long to realize why the entire team was looking forward to Saturday night’s feature event. This would be the season finale and a decent finish would provide a great building block for 2010.

Being in the Top Five during most practice sessions, the team had quickly become one of the cars to beat and their mock-qualifying run put them third on the speed charts. Jimmy’s times were among several which were blistering the track record as set in the previous year’s event. “When we unloaded off the trailer, the car was in pretty good shape so that gave us the opportunity to make changes but while also providing a baseline to come back to if they didn’t work. Matt and Jonathan weren’t afraid to try different things and the car just keeps getting better,” stated Jimmy after the final practice period.

The qualifying session brought a sense of pressure as only the top thirty would be locked into the show.  But Jimmy put down a quick enough lap to land the team in the fifth position, thus putting those fears behind them.
“When we first got here, just seeing how many quality cars were trying to grab one of the positions on the starting grid, made me anxious about making the show. But, after practice went so well, I think all of us became greedy and started looking at the pole. Qualifying in the Top Five at such a large event is an awesome deal but now that’s over, and it’s time to go racing,” Matt told Jimmy in the post-qualifying tech line.  

The perfect weekend encountered a somewhat of a stumbling block when the field took the initial green flag. A hesitation in the motor saw the #23 entry losing five spots on the first circuit. “The motor just wouldn’t get up to speed and from that point, we all knew it was going to be a long, uphill battle,” said Jimmy after the race. The race car was still handling very well and a spectator in the stands probably would have had a hard time telling the motor was faltering as Jimmy battled to stay in the Top Ten for most of the race.

He fell back a few times when several of the teams started using different strategies for their pit stops. During a mid-race caution period, the crew showed their muscle in a stop for new right side rubber, by picking up two spots on pit road. Jimmy restarted the race in the fourteenth position, behind the other cars that had pitted early and did not make a trip down pit road.

With forty-five to go, it was time for Jimmy to get back to work and make his way back up the leader board. Despite a motor that continued to struggle on restarts and  lag off the corner, fans saw the #23 work its way back up to the eighth position and closing in on the Top Five.

A late race caution produced the last restart with four laps to go. Unfortunately, that’s when the motor finishedfalling on its face. “We lost a spot after the restart, but as sick and stumbling as the motor was, it could have been a lot worse. With everyone’s tires being so used up and the lack of grip on the outside, I just tried to keep the car on the bottom. If they wanted by us, they had to go to the top,” Jimmy told the crew.

He added, “There definitely was something wrong with the motor. It just never cleared itself after that last restart and I was just waiting for it to blow. I wasn’t real happy pulling back into the pits knowing where we finished and how much better it could have been. Matt and Jonathan gave me a great car and we deserved a better finish than that. But, in looking at the big picture, we had a pretty good weekend.”  “To be here with some of the best late model drivers in the country and spending most of the weekend near the top of the speed charts and running the race towards the front, it wouldn’t have been fair to leave here mad due to an engine problem. I guess we did pretty well with a ninth place finish,” concluded the Hubbard, OH native. 

Southern National Speedway - PASS South Series
Kenly, NC, September 26, 2009: The PASS South Series allows both crate and built motors for power plants. Depending on the track, one engine may have an advantage. Going into this weekend the team knew their crate motor would have a difficult time qualifying up front but it should fare better on long runs.

Their thoughts were correct as Jimmy qualified sixteenth of the twenty-two cars on hand. When the green flag dropped the #23 speedster picked off one car after another. Jimmy was up to seventh position when a yellow came out on lap 120 of the specified 150 lap distance.

A slow restart bogged the field down and the larger motors showed their muscle once again, sending Jimmy back to the eleventh spot. Jimmy traded positions for ninth, tenth and eleventh place through the remainder of the race, ending up in the eleventh slot.

Jimmy commented, "Sure, we got out motored pretty good, but we knew coming in that was going to be the case. So, we did all we could to get our car running good and hoped when the other cars burned off their tires, we would have something for them. We could get into the corner and through the middle better than a few cars in front of us. But, off of the corner, we just couldn't hang with them.

Matt and dad gave me a car that never really fell off through the race and would do almost anything I wanted it to. We learned a lot today that will, hopefully, help us down the road," offered Jimmy.

Hickory Motor Speedway - PASS South Series
Hickory, NC, August 29, 2009: With a strong run never being recorded at Hickory Motor Speedway, this weekend was one that Jimmy was not looking forward to. Friday did not help the feeling as every practice session saw the team falling further behind the field.

Saturday showed some improvement with the real surprise coming by qualifying ninth quick, just .074 seconds off quick time. Jimmy said, “I just couldn’t understand how to get around this place. The line you run is like no place I’ve ever been. After watching some of the last set of practice and the coaching from the team, we were able to put down a qualifying lap that really surprised all of us. I had to act like it was no big deal, but I was happy to see the .2 seconds we picked up from the last practice.”

The redraw put Jimmy into the seventh starting spot. The first 30 laps saw him running in the lead pack of cars before a mechanical problem brought the team down pit road. The crew looked under the hood and nothing visibly wrong could be found. Jimmy returned to the track still trying to diagnose the problem which was ultimately the fuel pump. Fortunately, the motor cleared itself out and Jimmy charged from twenty-eighth into the Top 10 just forty laps later.

A restart on lap 71 again had the field bunched back up with the #23 restarting outside the fifth row. The field headed down the backstretch still two by two when a third rwo car
had an engine failure. This sent the rest of the field scattering. Jimmy looked to be in the clear until the car who started the wreck was hit and sent back up the racetrack, pinning Jimmy between the car and the wall. This incident ended another promising charge from the rear of the field.

Concord Speedway - Pro Late Model 100
Concord, NC, August 15, 2009: Jimmy and the #23 team were looking forward to the high paying, $5,000 to win 100 lap special at Concord Speedway. It was going to be a night where their first glimpse of success together materialized.

In the opening laps, a battle for the lead saw Jimmy fighting hard to get the top spot before being slammed by another car in the left front. The contact resulted in a cut the tire and a trip to the pits. The crew was able to make repairs and got Jimmy back on the track without losing a lap.

The next 90 laps saw the #23 making its way up the leader board getting as high as third on a late restart, before finishing the race in the fourth position.

“Even after taking that shot in the left front, the car was pretty good through the middle stages of the race. The crew kept telling me our times were on pace with the leader, but I just had to fight too hard getting to the front. We burned off the tires before any late run could be made for the lead. That late restart had me thinking we had a chance. But, once everything singled out, we were in trouble.

All in all, after having to change that tire and running the race with a bent left front shock, and still getting back towards the front just shows how good the car really was in the beginning. Matt, Robby and Wes did a great job and gave me an awesome car that could win but unfortunately we weren’t able to get it done.” 

Orange County Speedway - PASS South Series
Rougemont, NC, August 8, 2009: Being one of the fastest cars in practice on Friday had the Zip Motorsports team in high spirits for their first race at the very fast 3/8 mile Orange County Speedway. Qualifying eleventh kept the team one spot out of the redraw for the Top 10 starting positions. The 150 lap Southern Sizzler was expected to be a real barn buurner.

Problems surfaced early as a spin on the initial lap had the team fighting back up through the field from the twenty-third position after the lap 1 restart. It didn’t take long before Jimmy was seen breaking into the Top 10 and it was obvious the charge wasn’t going to stop there. Once getting into the ninth position, a difference of a straightaway to the leaders was made up in only a few laps. While trying to pass the eighth place car, a cut right front tire sent Jimmy hard into the Turn 1 wal. The car was bent beyond repair ending an amazing charge, just 80 laps into the race.

Newport Speedway - PASS South Series
Newport, TN, July17, 2009: Another first for the new team was Saturday night at the Newport Speedway in Newport, TN. This was seventh event on the PASS South series schedule, but the first race with the series for Jimmy. This was also the first time both Jimmy and Ryan had seen this track.

The practice sessions were spent figuring out what their Hamke built cars needed to get around the place. Both custom built and ASA legal crate motors are allowed in the PASS South series. It seemed as though no matter how good the car was handling, Jimmy was still towards the back of the speed charts. Qualifying made the difference very evident. 

In what Jimmy would later call a "pretty good car," a lap of .4 of a second off the quick time was the best that could be laid down. During the race, an 88 lap green flag run saw Jimmy go one lap down but he was able to get it back with the "lucky dog" award.

The last forty laps of the feature had several yellows flag conditions. Jimmy took advantage of these opportunities to drive his #23 racer into the top half of the field.  Jimmy was in the tenth place slot when the checkered flag flew at Newport.

Concord Motorsports Park - Jimmy Comes Home Third in First Start with New Team
Concord, NC, July 11, 2009: It only took a few laps for the newly formed Zip Motorsports/D B Racing #23 to catch hold of the oddly shaped, very fast 4/10 mile Concord Motorsports Park. After a brief practice session, the team qualified 4th quick, just .080 seconds off the fast time. 

With the car still being ASA legal, only a 2 speed transmission was being used at a racetrack where shifting occurred on all starts. Two restarts during the race saw Jimmy falling far behind and having to make up a lot of ground just to catch the back of the pack. The 55 lap green flag run that ended the race saw the team getting by the third place car and catching the leaders. The checkered flag flew with Jimmy firmly in the third position.

"The three quick practice sessions before the race was the first time the crew and I had ever worked together at a racetrack. To come out of here running as well as we did is just a testimony to how good these guys really are,” offered Jimmy. “For them to learn my driving style as quick as they did and still be able to coach me on how to get around this place has me excited as I look forward to the rest of the season."

Lake Erie Speedway
Northeast, PA,, June 27, 2009: Jimmy started the evening with somewhat of a handicap for not attending the previous two events at LES. Even with a dominating win in his heat, the best starting position possible in the feature would twelfth.

Starting mid-pack in the Plyler Overhead Door forty-lap feature didn't appear to affect Jimmy as he drove up to the third position just before the half way point. After a quick caution, the crowd watched the #23 dive to the bottom and secure the second slot. Unfortunately, as the race wore on, the car became extremely tight. This condition set up a great battle with Will Thomas for the second position with only a few laps remaining. The last two laps saw the pair of drivers racing door to door with Thomas just getting by at the line relegating Jimmy to a third place finish.

ASA Challenge Race 2
Clermont, IN, June 12-13, 2009: The team put fresh tires on during the practice on Friday and they were about mid pack of the thirty-three cars signed in.  This was the second ASA Challenge race of the 2009 season.  The track was O'Reilly Raceway Park in Clermont, IN, just outside of Indianapolis. 

The focus on Friday was not as much about being the quickest car on fresh tires as it was setting up the car on old tires for late race runs. When qualifying rolled around on Saturday afternoon, the #23 turned a lap much quicker than it had all weekend. Jimmy was set to start the race in the fifteenth spot.

Jimmy went a lap down about mid-way through the first one-hundred lap session. He was running right with the leaders for the next ten laps when a yellow flag flew; giving them the "lucky dog award" and a return back to the lead lap.

When the race resumed, Jimmy was in the middle of an intense battle with the sixth through tenth place running cars.  At the mid-race break, the crew made a few changes to try to improve their position. However, the car became extremely tight with the new set of tires and just would not turn in the center of the corner. Jimmy ran in ninth spot for most of the second one-hundred laps but was passed with a few laps to go.

The Zip Motorsports’ racer finished the two hundred lap event in the tenth position. Jimmy said, "We learned a lot this weekend about the car and even more about my driving preferences. So, coming out of here with a Top Ten is at least somewhat satisfying.”

“It doesn’t happen very often, but I thought I was going to be able to go a whole weekend without hitting anything. Then I brushed the wall off of Turn 2 with only a few laps to go. That had me all bummed out," laughed Jimmy.

Jimmy and the Zip Motorsports team look forward to this upcoming weekend when they will compete in Jim Jr.'s backup modified at Sharon Speedway in Hartford, OH. 

A Surprise Call

Cordele, GA, June 5-6, 2009: Jimmy received a call at 9:30 AM on Friday morning from Tony Blanchard while he was at work. Tony said his driver was sick in the hospital and wanted to know if Jimmy would be available to drive his Race 101 late model that evening. The event was the ASA Southeast Race at Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, Georgia that.

After quick discussion and suitcase packing, Jimmy and his Mom were on a plane and arrived at the racetrack shortly before 6:30 PM.

The crew worked on the seat setup so he was comfortable in the car and he quickly headed out onto the track for practice. Unfortunately, they were only able to make twelve laps of practice as rain curtailed the practice session for the day. With such a short session on Friday, the Saturday morning practice was critical. The session was spent learning the racetrack and getting a base setup for Jimmy’s driving style. In qualifying, they were three-tenths quicker than they had been all day. While this was only four-tenths off of the pole position, Weller was still in the back half of the field.

Five laps into the race, a car spun off the backstretch. Everyone was trying to miss him, and Jimmy was collected along with several other cars and forced into the pits to make front end body repairs. Throughout the first half of the race, they were in the pits numerous times, trying to repair the body, cool the engine and still trying to perfect the handling of the car.

Despite all of the difficulties, by lap sixty, Jimmy was climbing towards the top ten. Another on-track incident occurred near the front of the field which blocked the track. Once again they were collected in the melee. This one ended the evening for Jimmy and the Race 101 Chevrolet.

Lake Erie Speedway - Start 6th; Finish 9th
North East, PA, May 30, 2009: The evening’s practice session went extremely well and was followed with a heat race win.  Coupled with an outside third row starting position, the month of bad luck seemed to be coming to an end. That hope was dashed midway through the main event when contact from another car sent Jimmy spinning into the infield while battling for the fourth position. After the caution, a drive to the front from the twenty-first position took the #23 up to the ninth spot in only twenty laps. Unfortunately the checkered flag ended further advancement through the field. The disappointment after the race was evident as another good run was ended early.

Zip Motorsports is looking forward to this weekend as Jimmy will make his second dirt track start of the year at Sharon Speedway

Lake Erie Speedway - Start 15th; Finish DNF
North East, PA, May 23, 2009: Zip Motorsports return to Lake Erie Speedway was not what they were anticipating. The quick charge mounted from the fifteenth starting position took a hard hit after driving into the top ten just a few laps into the race as a spinning car sent the rest of the field scattering. While trying to miss the stopped car, the #23 took a hard shot in the driver’s side door bending the rear end and affecting the rear brakes of the car. Jimmy tried to continue on but overheating problems forced him to park the car just past the halfway point of the race.

Milwaukee Mile - ASA Challenge Series - Start 21st; Finish 17th
Milwaukee, WI, May 17, 2009: Next event on the ASA Challenge Series schedule is O’Reilly Raceway Park in Clermont, IN on June 13.

#23 Jimmy Weller Brings Home Win From Florida's World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing
Samsula, FL, February 24, 2009: Crate Late Model Racecar Driver Jimmy Weller (Zip Motorsports) of Hubbard Ohio brought home a checkered flag from the 43rd Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway during Speedweeks. Weller scored the checkered flag on night one of the 12 day affair by charging on the high side from the 9th starting position to pass Hendrick Development driver Landon Cassill.

Hopes for a repeat win were dashed the second night after a ruthless crash with Cassill's teammate, Dave Wagner. The Zip Motorsport's team readied the back-up car for the reaminder of the series, working to improve the starting position.

By night five, the #23 was battling for the lead again. Unfortunately, another altercation with the RPM Team of Cassill sent both drivers to the rear destroying another chance at victory lane. In the final night of action, Jimmy qualified 5th of 31 cars. Sadly, this opportunity for another win was crushed by a tangle halfway to the race's end.

The World Series racing affair is one of the most prestigious events in asphalt racing and has seen wins from legends like Richie Evans, Jr. Hanley, Mike Eddy, Rusty Wallace and a host of racing's elite drivers.

2008 Race News & Results

Month of Bad Luck

August 9- ASA Challenge at Bristol Motor Speedway - DNF

The string of bad luck, which started at Bristol Motor Speedway more than two months ago, has yet to end. It all started with a switch to a back-up car after setting the 9th quickest time on the first lap of qualifying with the ASA Late Model Challenge series at “The World's Fastest Half Mile”. Hopping into the sidelined back-up car, Jimmy started the race from the 31st position on the grid and quickly began to charge through the field. By lap 150, the #23 back-up car plowed through the traffic and ran with the lead pack in 7th position. A tire issue the field had experienced all weekend finally caught up to Jimmy and the team, sending the car backward into the Turn 2 wall, ending the charge 44 laps before the race was complete.

August 15-Lernerville Speedway- 9th

The long awaited return to the dirt finally found it's day on Friday night in the last regular night of competition at the Lernerville Speedway in Sarver , PA. Jimmy ran his father's back-up big-block modified. Jimmy commented, “Hot laps and the first half of the heat race wasn't pretty, but everything finally started coming back to me.” Jimmy chose to start the heat race at the rear of the field, and was able to move up into a transfer position and finally an outside pole position for the feature start. After two initial restarts to get the race underway, in third and final start, Jimmy took the point and lead lap. Jimmy struggled throughout the remainder of the race. All night Jimmy and the #31 modified fought a left front brake which repeatedly locked up, resigning Jimmy to a 9th place finish.

August 16- Holland International Speedway- Kayak Pools 100- Rain shortened

In spite of the many racetracks the team has traveled to, Jimmy favorite racetrack is still the little bullring in Holland , NY . “The track just fits my sprint car driving style, up on the wheel and fighting every lap,” says driver Jimmy Weller. In the heat race, Jimmy was tangled in a three car battle for the top position. After the invert, the # 23 was on the outside of the front row and focused on victory lane. In the first part of the race, the fans watched Jimmy in the #23 grab a clear distance from the rest of the competition before the yellow flag on lap 24. When the green flag waved, Jimmy jumped back into the lead with the #65 falling in right behind him. As the field tore into turn 4, the #65 drove hard into the rear bumper, sending both cars spinning and the rest of the field screeching to get by or wrecking behind them. During the caution, the rains came and the race was called final in the 25th lap.

August 22- ASA Challenge Milwaukee Mile- Bud 100-

DNF After battling handling conditions all weekend, the Zip Motorsports team made big changes to the car right before qualifying, and was able to put down a lap which put them mid-pack for the 100 mile race on Sunday. At the start of the race, a spinning car sent the field into a cloud of black smoke. Jimmy took a shot from the back, pushing him into the spun car and ended their chances for a good race. Back in the pits, the team quickly changed the radiator and ratchet strap and secured the front bumper assembly back on the car. The rest of the field ran caution free until the halfway break, leaving the #23 team 49 laps down. Jimmy pulled the car back onto the racetrack and tried to garner as many points as possible. After advancing as far as possible the team drug the beat up racecar back to the trailer, wondering if their luck would ever change.

August 30- Holland International Speedway- 1st car one lap down

The #23 and the Zip Motorsports team found themselves involved in a wreck early in the race and charged through the field to earn what seemed a 6th place finish. However, the team later learned, sometimes track officials make decisions that do not always make sense. In spite of a good car, somehow the #23 was scored a lap down for spinning to avoid a wreck during a caution before the leaders came back around the track. The Zip team finished the race as the first car one lap down and is still perplexed about the track official's decision on the one lap reprimand.

September 6 - Gateway, IL -

DNF Gateway is the largest track Jimmy has ever raced on and he practiced well in the #23 Zip Motorsports Ford Fusion. The #23 wavered a bit during qualifying, but ultimately drove quickly into the top 10. Jimmy and the #23's raced in pursuit of the checkered flag when the distributor gave out, ending another race for the Zip Team.

November 9- Peachstate Speedway- 20th

A slip in qualifying relinquished the #23 to the 34th starting position in the 40 car field at the World Crown 300 at Peachstate Speedway. When the green flag fell, Jimmy began his march to the front. When the field slowed for a lap 22 yellow, the car behind Jimmy never slowed, turning Jimmy into the Turn 3 outside wall. Jimmy limped the car back to the pits where the crew went to work and got the #23 back on the track before the race began. After taking such a hard hit, the last 130 laps were spent having to make pit stops during every yellow, fighting to get the car back to the speeds it was turning in practice the day before. When the checkered flag flew, Jimmy was 3 laps down in the 20th position.

Weller Heats Up Salem Speedway

Salem Speedway, Salem Indiana (July 19, 2008) - Maneuvering the track was no challenge for ASA Rookie Late Model Series driver, Jimmy Weller (Zip Motorsports) as the day proved to be one of the hottest this season with temperatures reaching above 95 degrees. The sweltering day turned into a sizzling night as Weller qualified twelfth and competed amongst veteran drivers to finish fifth in his first ever appearance at Salem Speedway.

“We had to pace ourselves and run our own race,” said Weller. “We were aggressive but remained under control. Turns three and four are a lot of fun, but it is so easy to find trouble at that end of the track.”

Weller and the Zip Motorsports team are looking forward to August 9th where the next ASA Late Model race will be run at the high-banks of Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol , Tennessee .

July 26- Lake Erie Speedway


Feature- 8th After making a pit stop on lap 5 of the 40 lap race to try and fix the problems the car was experiencing, Jimmy was only able to make it back to the 8th position after having to restart at the tail of the field.

Motordrome Speedway May 2nd- 6th
ASA Challenge Iowa Speedway May 17th- 27th DNF\
Motordrome Speedway May 23rd- 4th
Lake Erie Speedway May 24th- 4th
ASA North Toledo Speedway June1st- 31st DNF
Motordrome Speedway June 6th- 11th
Lake Erie Speedway June 7th- 3rd
ASA Challenge Berlin Speedway June 13th- 21st DNF
Motordrome Speedway June 20th- DNF

Lake Erie Speedway June 21st- 1st

After getting caught up in what seemed to be a weekend ending, multi-car crash during the 100 lap feature at Motordrome Friday night, Jimmy and the crew decided to head back to the shop and work all night in hopes of making it to Lake Erie Speedway in time for the first of the double features scheduled. The Team burned the midnight oil and by 1:30pm Saturday, the car was back together and ready to race. The Team caught an hour of sleep on the way to the track and was able to get the multi-colored #23 car through practice and surprisingly the #23 turned the fastest laps so far this year! With rain and thunderstorms threatening overhead, Jimmy rolled onto the track starting outside the front row. The #23 took the lead on the initial lap and led the first 17 laps before the clouds opened up to a downpour. The race was more than half way through and was called complete. The Zip Motorsports team earned their 2nd victory of the season. "I'm very proud of my guys," Jimmy said after the race. "These poor guys got 3 or 4 days worth of work done in one night. To be able to make it out here tonight and run as well as we did is just awesome.”

ASA Challenge Mansfield Speedway June 28th- 15th

Weller Excited for Remainder of Season

After an impressive top ten finish at O'Reilly's Raceway Park , Jimmy Weller and his Zip Motorsports team are excited to continue the rookie season in the ASA Challenge Series.

“It's an honor to race with some of the best drivers in the country,” commented the Liberty , Ohio driver. “Of course we would have loved to be battling with them for the win, but we had a pretty good car so we will learn from this weekend and move on.” The former dirt tracker qualified 13th and ran near to top ten all evening, eventually snatching a 10th place finish.

“ I just have to thank Winner Aviation and Liberty Steel for their support. Without them, we would never have an opportunity like this,” exclaimed Weller.

Weller plans to race locally in Ohio and Pennsylvania for a few weeks before heading to Iowa Speedway on May 16-17.

Sean Murphy
Jacob Goede
Peter Cozzolino
Eddie Hoffman
Derek Thorn
Travis Dassow
Kris Stump
Brent Downey
Alec Carll
Jimmy Weller

News From New Smyrna Speedway's Speedweeks

After setting the 3 rd quick time in qualifying for the opening night of New Smyrna Speedway's Speedweeks, the entire Zip Motorsports team felt as if the rust from the off-season was starting to wear off.  Little did they know, it would be the happiest they would be for the next 6 nights of racing.  What started out so good turned miserable after a 7-car invert pill was drawn placing Jimmy in the 5 th starting position for the feature event. After a lap 1 red flag for a car going over top of Jimmy's roof and hood as the two were trying to avoid a multi car tangle, things kept getting worse for Jimmy as he had to restart at the back of the field.  After fighting his way back towards the Top 10, the #23's charge came to a quick halt as another multi-car wreck blocking the track ended with Jimmy having to climb out of his car and onto another's roof just to get back on the ground. After getting the car back to the pit area, the crew saw the broken pieces that would end night 1 for the team.

1. Brett Moffitt 17.949
2. Jimmy Lang 18.155
3. Jimmy Weller 18.158
4. Joey Pole 187.185
5. David Wagner 18.210  

Night 2 was a little easier on the equipment as Jimmy lined up 18 th with the field being started straight up from the finish of the race the night before.  After a race-long, 3-car battle that wasn't finished as the checkered flag flew, the finishing order found the #23 car in the 11 th position, 1 spot out of having a chance to make the invert for Monday's race. 

RACE-11 th

After getting collected in a wreck with one other car, Jimmy once again found himself starting in the back for a lap 3 restart.  When the green flag flew, the fans saw Jimmy use his dirt track background and go to the top of the racetrack, passing car after car lined up in a freight train on the bottom groove of the track.  When the yellow flag flew on lap 15, the #23 car was found running in the 8 th position, but still feeling the charge was not over. However, a flat right front tire ended the show as the green flag flew.


Rains covering most of the state of Florida caused race officials to cancel the night's program after the cars completed their two sets of practice.

After another start towards the back of the field, Jimmy began his march to the front, only to be collected in another tangle, sending him to the rear for the restart. This charge was not as impressive as only a few laps remained and Jimmy was only able to reach the 11 th position before the checkered flag waved.

RACE- 11 th

Sometimes you just get stuck in a rut and no matter what is done, it seems as if the result is always the same.  After having a fast car for the first half of the race and running his way through the Top 10, an incident found Jimmy in the back once again. Another charge to the 11 th position was all that could be made as the race came to a close. 

RACE- 11 th

FRIDAY  50 lap finale
Even with all of the bad luck the team had experience, Jimmy and the crew knew they still had a fast racecar and if they could just get to start up towards the front of the pack, they could show it.  Speedweek's final night would consist of time trials, something Jimmy had looked forward to since the first night.  Even though he is not big on time trials, Jimmy knew that it was going to be his only chance to start up front.  After a mishap in practice that left the team fighting to get their car just able to run their qualifying laps rather than concentrating on perfecting the setup, Tim and the crew worked feverishly and were able to get the car back to where Jimmy could go and set 4th quick time, giving them an outside front row starting spot for the 50 lap feature.  Jimmy took the top spot on the initial start and never looked back, leading all 50 laps.  Four cautions slowed the event but every time the green flag flew, the picture was still the same as the Zip Motorsports #23 took off and put distance between the rest of the field.  After thanking God in victory lane, Jimmy gave all the credit to the guys on the crew for their hard work getting the car put back together in the short time after practice.

Crate Late Models
1 Will Thomas 17.734
2 Steven Brooks 17.751
3 Jimmy Lang 17.782
4 Jimmy Weller 17.786
5 Brandon Johnson 17.788

RACE-1 st



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